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Building an outdoor space for a cozy and relaxing gathering in your Scarborough or Pickering home is an investment. Indeed, you wouldn't want to put your money down the drain by letting your beautiful cedar wood pergola succumb to the natural, external factors that contribute to its decay. The last thing you want to happen is to see those Ipe wood deck boards falling to pieces.

With that, let us share some easy tips to maintain your deck, patio, gazebo, or tips for pergola installation, always a stunning sight in your Pickering or Scarborough home.

Deck Care Tips

  • Plants off the deck. Plant boxes and flowerpots tap moisture on any surface and cause even your sturdy Ipe wood deck boards to rot, so do not put them directly on your deck. Experiment with hanging planters or place a block on them instead. Keep leaves off as well.
  • Knock off the grease. When you entertain the grill, be mindful of the grease falling on the boards, as its stains are very challenging to remove.
  • Seal right away. For any new deck, patio, gazebo, or pergola, it's best to seal the wood right away so it can resist external factors that could cause damage.
  • Apply a sealer properly. If you are sealing your deck boards by yourself, ensure that it dries properly, as inappropriately applied sealers can harbor mildew.
  • Do not paint or use solid stains. Paint and solid stains tend to peel and destroy the natural beauty of the wood.
  • Keep moisture at bay. When building a new deck at ground level, install a plastic vapor barrier before construction to prevent ground moisture from migrating upward into the wood and causing wood decay and damage.

Professional care and maintenance.

At Decks R Us, we are your reliable company in creating these stunning outdoor spaces for your home or business throughout its lifetime, from installation to consistent maintenance and occasional repairs. They require proper treatment so your Ipe wood boards will always be in top condition. Let us do the work for you with our affordable care services, so all that's left for you to do is enjoy them.

Our company serves clients all over Ontario, CA, from Pickering, CA, Scarborough, CA, Whitchurch-Stouffville, CA, to Durham Region, CA


Pressure washing is the most common way to clean and prepare your deck prior to staining or restaining. Pressure washing removes most of the old stains depending on the number of coats that were previously applied. Tannins in natural cedar and redwood bleed out over the course of time which makes the wood gray or black in color.

Commercially available conditioners, cleaners, and brighteners can be applied with a pump sprayer and will help restore the original color of the wood. Oxalic acid added to the spray mixtures neutralizes the tannins and helps remove the gray and black colors.

I find that spraying at 3200 PSI removes most all of the dirt and tannins, and restores the natural beauty of the wood. Allowing the wood to dry for a full day to two days is recommended prior to recoating with the stain of your choice.

If your deck is looking gray or black or dirty looking, give Decks R Us a call! We will provide you with a free estimate and determine the best course of action to give your deck its natural beauty once again.